Saturday, June 02, 2007

Naked bike post

Next week, Saturday 9th June, is the second annual Brighton (second for Brighton, there have been four world ones) Naked Bike ride. Main website here.
There is a link to the Brighton one at the top.
Got my kids that day but still want to get involved, maybe they could go in the trailer of my bike! The slogan is 'bare as you dare', I'm not sure about going completely naked, need to get some skin coloured underwear!
What's the point? Well....

1. Protest against the global dependency on Oil
2. Curb Car Culture
3. Obtain real rights for cyclists
4. Demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets
5. Celebrate body Freedom

That's a picture from last year. In 2006 the police didn't want the participants to go completely naked and threatened to arrest anybody who did, this year after a initial no attitude, the police have reversed their policy and allowed full nudity. I think mainly because every other police force in the country allows it for their rides(London, Manchester, Southampton and York).

Everyone should sign this petition also. The main jist of it is that they want to change the wording of the Highway Code to say that cyclist should use cycle facilities 'wherever possible'. This change of wording from 'wherever practical', means that cyclist will lose claims if in an accident when they are on the road but there is a cycle lane nearby. Say I am approaching a roundabout and I want to turn right, if I stay in the cycle lane then I am in the wrong place to turn right. Sometimes the cycle lanes are ridiculous and dangerous to use.

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